A fictional business brand for a Bmx bikes enterprise. Winker is an interactive store where apart of having a bmx bikes buying zone with accesories and clothes, there is also a relaxing zone with magazines about this sport.

It is also a meeting place to spend and enjoy the afternoon with clients and friends.


These sketches plays with values related with this risky sport. The final result is the combination of the capital ‘W’ and a pool ramp.The color palette mix yellow and orange which are risky and energetic colors that shows the character of the sport.

The naming was designed with Impact but rounding the corners and making the type a bit less condensed.

For the descriptor the type chosen is Helvetica, a neutral and legible font.


I consider that the merchandising plays a big role in this brand. So, there different items for the internal team, such as uniforms and other business items, and also for the public.

All of this items show the universe of the brand, the good vibes for the sporty young people.

Dossier del proyecto