I'm Vanesa Cortacero, 25 years old multidisciplinary graphic designer working in Málaga

I always knew I wanted to become a good graphic designer, and everyday I am one step closer to my aim. It’s almost a year since I ended my University course. However, it wasn’t my start in the field. I discover this world as a hobby, as a game to entertain myself after school and joined COFAPT to learn and grow as a designer. Thank to this, my passion was much bigger and started to take it seriously until today. I am not specialized in any specific area, the beauty of this profession laid in every area and I am one of those that prefer not closing doors and explore my skills as much as possible. Learning is the key.

Currently I am working in Narita Estudio in Málaga and developing side projects as El Intercambiador Express, an annual newspaper about design culture in Spain and abroad.If you want to know me more keep watching this space!

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